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hpfem100's Journal

Harry Potter Femslash Drabbles
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A 100 word drabble community for all things Harry Potter femslash.

1. All drabbles must be femslash related. Het and m/m slash can be mentioned if needed in the background, but the main pairing and focus MUST be f/f-centric. Anything else will be deleted.

2. All drabbles must be 100 words in length.

3. All ratings allowed, but adult must be under an LJ cut

Don’t know how to do an lj cut? Simply copy and paste:

4. Post as many drabbles as you wish, but in multiple entries, any drabble after the first one should be put under an LJ cut.

5. All drabbles should have the following heading:
Word Count: (100)

Also, please put the title/titles of the drabbles in the subject line. If you have more than one, please separate them in the following manner: Title One/Title Two... so it makes it easier to read.

Drabbles may be challenge related or free themed - doesn't matter as long as they are femmelash. Challenge suggestions may be posted here.

6. Play nicely. The mods have no problem banning people. Want to be an ass? Please go elsewhere.

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