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10 February 2009 @ 06:34 pm
Sudden Death [Emma Watson / Katie Leung]  
I'd like to see this community have a little more life! =]

Title: Sudden Death
Pairing: Emma Watson / Katie Leung
Rating: PG (bad language)
Word count: 250
Propmt: #178 'trigger' at femslash100
Summary: One morning, a comment kills something in Emma.
A/N: Comments are lovely. X-posted to femslash100 & hp_girlslash & rpfs

Because I could tell she’d woken up – her shoulder had stretched and her hair had shifted on my breast – I mumbled "My parents are going to like you." It was a giggle and a sigh into her neck. She stiffened.

Katie drew her hand over her eyes and sat up, pushing my hands away and extricating herself from the duvet. She pushed her hair around her shoulders, and it looked even darker next to her pale skin. "It’s not…" she said, and stopped. I squinted at her.

She began pulling on her trousers drowsily. "It’s not… not what you think." She scrambled into her socks and got off the bed. "I’m straight. This is just a… film thing." She didn’t look at me. "This is a between you and me only thing, a not big thing. Your parents are never going to know, nobody is going to know. An unimportant moviestar thing." Her lilting voice sounded like a child’s, so at odds to the adult body standing in the dawn light.

As she walked away, I thought she was just being silly; one of those momentary panics. But as she keyed in the code to my door, I felt the strings in my chest tighten. "Where are you going?" I asked.

"Away," she said, and closed the door. What a self-deluding twat, I thought. Let her fuck herself, I won’t anymore.

When I couldn’t hear her footsteps anymore, the black behind my eyes was so silent; like a sudden death.